My eyes, I no longer trust

After what they have shown me

My childhood burned to dust

Nostalgia engulfed by the inferno

The flames of a cruel "reality"

All at once, the unthinkable is thrown at me

The macabre weapons that seek out the mind

The soulless stare of an empty shell

Malice floods through its eyes

Madness is spread as it lies

Callused fingers are my guides

Through this inverted nostalgia ride

My mind further drifts from sanity

Further I fade from my security

Further I'm pulled into the soulless stare

A lonely statue, who wants to "play"

Once he comes, he's here to stay

The soulless stare that tells the tale of a madman

A tale unknown to the heart

A tale feared by the primal brain

The soulless stare of BEN

He is coming for me once again