Ben drowned portrait by reaperzlittlewolf-d5q1o7e

For my entire life, all I saw was an endless expanse of dead, impassible darkness. And within the darkness, I was alone. It was a cold cold. I wanted- I longed for- I needed the warmth of somebody. Anybody.

But nobody wanted to hear me. Not one, and....when they did come near....

Their cries of terror pierced my lonely heart as they ran away; it seemed as though they knew more of what was to come than I.

Why couldn't we be friends? I didn't understand. I didn't understand it that it was because I was.....different.

My empty black eyesockets gushed blood down my face all day, everyday. The blood would run slowly down my cheeks like red tears and pool on the floor....

I wanted friends, I needed their love. Why couldn't I have it?

Once I mastered the courage to ask it outloud.


The girl inches away from me, her shaky voice fading, "Because you're wrong, you're different, you're a FREAK!" she yelled. 

I finally understood nobody would be my friend.

And so...

I decided I didn't need friends. In fact, no one did.

The worthless, cruel bastards drowned in my pouring, gushing blood, and I laughed and I smiled.

They shouted insults and spit on me, and in return I revealed their nightmarish death.

I ripped their eyes from their sockets, slowly twisting and pulling; taking my time as each tendon snapped, as each drop of blood was individually drained, every moment had to be painful.... it wasn't fun if it wasn't painful.

I liked it when they begged to live, but lied it more when it hurt so much, that they begged to die.

I was always giddy with laughter, hearing them writhe in endless agony, slowly sinking to their deaths.

No one would ever be their friends now....not will they be yours.

You're right, you're one of them too. I'm coming to take your eyes.